Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Street Clash - Round 2

Glasgow (TTSS) is due to take part in round 2 of the Street Clash competition next week. We need to submit 5 pictures that we feel best represent Glasgow street fashion and culture. We have a short list of office favourites but we would love to hear feedback from all our blog readers on what pictures you think should go on to represent Glasgow next week.

We need to submit our final 5 on or before 01/09, so please let us know what you think before then.

All comments welcome!

Finally don't forget to vote for Glasgow (TTSS) from 03/09 until 07/09 at http://www.streetclash.blogspot.com/.

Thank you,

Monday, 6 August 2007

Live at Loch Lommond

This summer's trend for muted darks accentuated with primary brights has continued into August, with electric blue being joined by orange and red. Another continuing favourite colour combination is grey with mustard and khaki. As always the need for practical dressing for the unrelaible Scottish weather was taken into account, with lightweight layers being combined with boots and scarves....